Born 1968 in New York City.

S.U.N.Y. at Purchase, NY, majored in printmaking & sculpture, attended Sept. 1988- May 1992.

F.I.T. in New York City, animation & interactive media, attending part-time Jan. 2006- present.

Solo and Two-Person Shows:
Reductive Woodcut Prints, Coney Island, USA, Brooklyn
Cyclone, window display at Cake with Stacy Winnick, NYC
Group Shows:
Scattered Presence with Kelly Alfieri & Christina Armas, the Gas Station at 2B, NYC
Halloween Museum Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Brooklyn
Fetish Garden Interart Theatre Annex, NYC
The Marz Bar monthly show, ongoing, NYC
Nerve Center curated by Antony Zito, Gallery 113, NYC
Fundraiser for Afgahni Women & Children, Bowery Poetry Club, NYC
PS3 Alumni Benefit Exhibition and Silent Auction, curated by Himiko Ohta, Cast Iron Gallery, NYC Benefit Auction for Cabrini Medical Center, National Arts Club, NYC
Wintermix curated by Chris Krol, sponsored by NY Arts Magazine, 450 Broadway Gallery, NYC Art From Marz curated by Julius Klein & Jon Gerstad, Thomkins Square Gallery, NYC
Vacuum the Earth curated by Miss Eliesha, CSV Cultural & Educational Center, NYC The No No Show Monster Island, Brooklyn Sideways View with Ear to the Ground Zito Studio Gallery, NYC Cheap Art Party Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn
Terrible Toy Fair III curated by Emma-Louise of Dollhaus Gallery, CBGB's Gallery 313, NYC Java Studio Winter Show Java Studios, Brooklyn
Theater, Film and Other Productions:
Sideshows by the Seashore various props, including the bladebox stenciling (still in use), Coney Island, USA, Brooklyn
Boredom-Maxim Gorky's Denunciation of Coney Island directed by Dick Zigun, sets by Paola Spina, Coney Island, USA, Brooklyn Sea Tails float, Mermaid Parade, Brooklyn
Killer Mermaid won "Best Float", Mermaid Parade, Brooklyn
Let the Gardens Live! Winter Candle Lantern Pageant props for Earth Celebrations, NYC
Margarita Happy Hour props for indie feature film directed by Ilya Chaiken, NYC
Corn Dog Love inside cover for Barnyard Playboys CD, Rubric Records, NYC
Punk Rock Angel Girl background illustrations for a pilot cartoon written by singer Jewel, produced by Kali Ra Productions for Nickelodeon, NYC
List of Private Collectors:

Christina Armas & Dave Abel, Queens, NY

Marc Athens, Brooklyn, NY

John Baber, Brooklyn, NY

Jeri Baker, Brooklyn, NY

James Brady, NYC & Singapore

Beth Chickering, Baltimore, MD

Geeta & Nikon Gandbhir-Kwantu, Brooklyn, NY

Karen Lillis, Pittsburgh, PA

Emily & Matt Clifton, Brooklyn, NY

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cousins, Long Island, NY

Antonio Frasconi

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Haseloff, NYC

Luke Haseloff, NYC

Eliesha Grant, NYC

Doug Groupp, Brooklyn, NY

Dave & Michelle Knapp, Los Angeles, CA

Rebecca Major & Andrew Freemont-Smith, NYC

Joel McGee, Brooklyn NY

Angelica Mejia, Brooklyn, NY

Jeremy Novak & Nilsa Martinez, NYC

Shira Patz, NYC

Gerry Price, Brooklyn, NY

Jack & Mojdeh Rapp, Brooklyn, NY

Lucy Rubin, NYC

John Schulz, Brooklyn, NY

Heather Scott & Tom McDonald, NYC

Pro & Diane Gumpel-Sherman, Catskills, NY

Marsinay O. Smith, NYC

Rebecca Smith, NYC

Vanessa Spina, NYC

Steve Taaffe, Queens, NY

Benjamin Ethan Tinker, San Francisco, CA

Jiggers & Kathy Lied-Turner, NYC

Antony Zito, NYC

Please let me know if you wish to be added or removed from this list.